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Peeling occurs on a variety of surfaces and is directly linked to moisture and inadequate surface preparation. Understanding different surfaces and how they react to moisture and coatings will greatly reduce the risk of this common paint problem.The most common areas that peel in Calgary are, decks, window sills, fence tops, galvanized metal.Decks, window sills and fence tops: these are a maintenance item and should be painted every few years. Water sits on top, one little crack or pinhole will allow the water to enter the substrate resulting in peeling. If these items are not maintained the wood will start to get cracks in it resulting in shorter periods between repaints.Galvanized metal will not peel if primed properly when it was originally painted. If this was not done the only way to fix it is to strip the substrate, prime with a galvanized metal primer, and finish coat with a 100% acrylic paint.

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