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Picking colours

Picking colours is usually one of the harder things to do before you start painting. The colours from the colours fan usually look different once they are up on the wall. There are many different factors that may charge the way the colours looks, like;

  • the amount of light in the room, less light will make the paint look darker.

  • the colours of carpet, drapes, furniture, etc. Colours from other sources will reflect unto the walls

  • interior or exterior, colours always look lighter outside than inside.

  • contrasting colours, for example if the wall colours is next to a white trim, the wall colour will look darker or vice versa.

  • the type of lighting

The best way to make sure you are happy with the colour is to but a colour sample on the area that is being painted. That is why when there is a colour change, we always put a sample on before painting. It is easier and cheaper to change the colour at this stage than after the job has started. For larger job we offer a colour manipulation service. Here we take a picture and chafe the colours on it, to see what the finished product will look like.

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