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  • Marco Smit

Paint suppliers

Having been in the painting industry for over 30 years, I have dealt with every paint supplier in Calgary. Customers sometimes request a specified paint manufacturer and I want to explain the reasons why this is not a good way to get a top quality product. Paint manufacturers make high and low quality products. A certain brand does not mean it is a good quality product. All paint manufacturers make top quality paints and low quality paints. It is important that the painting contractor uses the top quality paint not the cheaper low quality paint. There are two types of paint suppliers in Calgary, 1) the factory stores like, Cloverdale, Dulux and Sherwin Williams, and the 2) dealers like Walls Alive, Paint Direct, Benjamin Moore stores, and Box stores. The reasons why most painting contractors prefer to use the factory stores is 1) better service, 2) better colour matching, 3) more experienced staff, 4) better pricing, 5) better support. The factory stores offer better pricing to contractors because the middle man (dealer) is not there. This means that the contractor will be able to pass this savings on to the customer. As a result you the customer get a better quality product at a lower price. So if you think that specifying a certain brand is going to make sure you get a good quality paint, you are wrong. Instead specify a certain type of paint (like 100% acrylic, elastomeric, hi performance stains, etc). Specifying Benjamin Moore, C2, or Cloverdale doesn't guarantee a top quality product. Find out which product is actually being used not just the brand name.

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