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  • Marco Smit

Paint stucco with Elastomeric Coating

What is an Elastomeric Coating?

  • Elastomeric is a breathable coating that dries to an attractive satin sheen and is available in brilliant white and thousands of custom colours. It's many qualities include:

  • Bridges hairline cracks - up to 1/16" wide and will prevent new cracks.

  • Exceptionally adhesive to stucco, brick, concrete block, concrete and wood.

  • Dirt repellant - low sheen finish resists airborne dust and dirt accumulation. Rain will wash away most of the dirt and dust that would accumulate on other low sheen paints.

  • Flexible – excellent elongation of 300% so will expand and contract without cracking.

  • Water resistant & breathable – seals out wind-driven rain but allows moisture vapour to escape from interior to exterior surfaces.

  • Mildew resistant & non-toxic.

  • Covered by a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY backed by HI-TECH Painting and the manufacturer.

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