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Peace of mind, we look after…

  1. Minor  maintenance - like power-washing, cleaning, caulking and puttying.

  2. Scraping/sanding - ensuring that there is no loose or peeling edges or surface gouging before we paint.

  3. Priming - all hairline cracks are properly filled and bare areas are primed.

  4. Smooth Finish Coat(s) - there will be no drips, runs, sags, wrinkles, streaks, roller hairs or flashing.

  5. Cutting Lines - all edges are straight and neat.

  6. Painting all the nooks and crannies - of walls, doors, windows, soffits and frames. Nothing will be missed.

HI-TECH is HIGH Quality!

Quality People - We hire only the best people. They are hard working and eager to do a good job for you. They are well trained and professionally attired and all relations with residents have been superb.

Quality Startup and Completion - At the beginning of the job we walk around with the homeowner and point out any previous hits on unpainted surfaces or any other concerns. Customers are welcome to express any concerns while the job progresses so they can be resolved in a prompt and efficient manner. At the end of the job we do a final inspection with the client to make sure all touch ups are done and the customer is satisfied.


Quality Guarantee - We do things right the First Time. We provide a Two Year Guarantee for most vertical surfaces and a One Year Guarantee for most horizontal surfaces. A FIVE Year Guarantee is provided on Elastomeric coatings.

Quality Equipment and Paint


Insurance and protection - Hi-Tech Painting uses only top of the line equipment including airless sprayers and pressure washers.Hi-Tech Painting Ltd. is bondable, licensed, carries $5,000,000 in liability insurance and has full Workers' Compensation coverage. We are in good standing with the BBB

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